(crows and caravels)

 commissioned piece for collective exhibition - 03 To 27 June  
at Maria Lucília Cruz Gallery
 (14 x 14 cm - 5,5 x 5,5 inches) 
collage -paper and fabric on cardboard

(no longer available)

"Crows are a symbol of Lisbon. During the 12th century when the Moors have occupied the Iberian Peninsula, the people from Valencia tried to save the body of their beloved Saint Vicent. So they have transported the body by the sea until they have reached Sagres, a place full of crows, where they have buried his body. This is why later that piece of land has been called cape of Saint Vicent in his memory.

Years later D. Afonso Henrique, the first King of Portugal was made aware that Saint Vicent, an extremely important saint to the Christians was buried in Sagres, so he decided to go to the south of the country to bring him to Lisbon. During the return trip by the sea, the ship has always been followed by two crows until they have reached the city of Lisbon. Since then the symbol of the city has been a crow and the flag of the city has the two crows as well as the ship.

The image of a ship with two crows is embedded in countless sidewalks throughout the city, on lampposts, police badges, taxis, and on the Lisbon coat of arms. The image represents a ship carrying the body of St. Vincent, the patron saint of Lisbon, being protected by two crows.
The crow is an abundant bird in Europe and it is connected to different thoughts and beliefs, however in Lisbon when you see one flying round it means they are protecting the city."